About Weevie

Weevie is like anything else that you have experienced ever before.

We are a small local startup based in the Reno-Tahoe Area with big ideas. Specializing in Web Design, Information Technologies and Multimedia Design, we offer a broad range of options that will suit your needs.

Achieve all your goals. Our multi-disciplinary expertise allow us to help you achieve your goals in unique ways.

A New Concept

Weevie is a new concept because of our perspective towards our customer’s projects. Every project is just as important to us as it is for you. That’s why your project is never just “another one” in a mass production line.

Our customer experience is focused on getting a customer service exactly how you like it.

Despite being a young startup, we use the latest version of the leading design suite, modern programming languages, the latest tools available, and strict quality assurance.

Our goal is to deliver functional solutions with the best user experience as possible, and a solid design language that embraces your organization’s genuine identity. Dare to try new things. Dare to surprise your customers and let your business grow.

Our Philosophy


To make Nevadan dreams come true to empower Nevada by using Technology and Design.


Improve the life quality of the community by making our customers succeed.


Because there is a story of hard work, sacrifices and determination behind every one of our customers, we strive to:

  • Respect all persons.
  • Provide honest services.
  • Provide an excellent customer experience.
  • Fully understand and visualize our customer’s goals.
  • Deliver all finished works in a timely manner.

Hire Us

Schedule a meeting with us, no strings attach. Let’s talk to discover all the We always welcome all projects (of all sizes and backgrounds), because we really love doing what we do. We analyze your needs and goals to create a unique solution, just for you.

Schedule a meeting with us, no strings attached, and discover how technology and design could make your business even better.

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