7 steps to start a business in Nevada

Do you want to start a business in Nevada, but you are not really sure how to get started? Don’t worry. It is simpler and easier than you might think! Nevada is an awesome place to live – it’s just beautiful – and also it’s great for starting your own business.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that this is just an informational post and does not provide legal advisement.

Whether you have the next multi-billion idea or just want to do what you love for a living, here’s a quick how-to guide on how to start a business in Nevada:

Name your brand

First things first. The world needs a way to know about your awesome products and/or services so the first thing to start a business in Nevada is to think of a short and sticky name for your business, so the world can easily remember them. Short two-syllable names and common expressions are a very good option. If you need help with your brand identity, Weevie can help you establish a very solid brand with a logo and brand identity design services.


Find your Head Quarters

This is a critical step in the process. You will need a physical location in order to start a business in Nevada. So, based in your business model, products/services, target market, and other factors, you will need to do an extensive hunt for your ultimate Head Quarters from which you will conduct your day-to-day business operations. Don’t forget to check with local governments for zoning, licensing, permits and environment policies.


Establish a legal entity

A legal entity establishes the policies under which a company operates in terms of ownership, liability, taxation, profit policies and more. It is recommended to get real legal advisement from a local Business Law Firm to register your business, but if you are DIY kind of person, SilverFlume is a one-stop web portal by the Secretary of the State of Nevada to easily register and manage business registrations, state licenses and more.


Register for taxation

Nevada is known as one of the best states to start a business, its relaxed tax policies and very low tax rates have a lot to do with that. You want to make sure you register your brand-new legal entity for taxation purposes. Again, this is just an informational guide and should not be taken as legal or tax advisement so we highly recommend you to speak to an expert on this matter. You can find more information at the State of Nevada Department of Taxation website if you like doing stuff by yourself.


Apply for a Fictitious Name or DBA

Sometimes business operate using simpler or alternative names for marketing, customer experience, vanity or privacy purposes. If you would like to use a fictitious name or Doing-Business-As (DBA) you need to go to your local County Offices and apply for one. You can visit your local county website for more details.


Get Social

Social Media is a must. Millions of people spend several amounts of time catching up in the latest news and learning about the latest news, trends and promos using social media. Make sure to register to the most popular social media channels, at least. Have fun sharing stories, posts, pictures to connected with potential and current customers!


Go Local, Worldwide and Beyond!

You need a website, that’s a fact. It might sound a bit dramatic, but technically a website is a door into the entire world (and I am not even mentioning the outer space with internet access). It doesn’t matter if your target market is just your neighborhood or the entire world, make sure to get settled with the coolest and more innovative website as possible. Remember that a website is your business open 24/7, everywhere and anytime. Also, a website that is engaging and easy to use, tends to attract more happy customers.

At the beginning, a website will help to put your products and services in the map. Then, it can help you run your business more efficiently and even automatically.

We specialize in web design, software development and Graphic Design, so you can count on us if you want a stylish and functional website to say hello world! Check out our web services page to learn more about our solutions.

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